Today’s stage design technologies like 3D mapping and artistic lighting displays offer immersive experiences that draw viewers into the presentation, at various levels. Also known as spatial augmentation and video mapping, 3D mapping projection technology turns mis-shaped objects into a display surface for projecting images.

Creating immersive experiences using 3D Mapping and other stage design technologies spans a number of industries. The best immersive experience stage design companies using 3D mapping and lighting technology can create unique displays in multiple industries. Here are some ways these immersive experiences have inspired multiple audience types.

Special Events for Product Releases Using Creating Immersive Experiences

Today’s most innovative brands reach out for cutting-edge solutions for conveying a message their audience will never forget. For example, in March top multimedia stage design company Sila Sveta produced CG content for the release of the Vivo X21 smartphone. This computer graphics content was produced to display on 11 LED screens to immerse the audience into the new device’s hyper technological world. The event took place around a grand stage in the historic town of Wuzhen, China.

The immersive experience was enhanced by external contributions sought to injecting the human component using live, levitating performers who engaged in aerial maneuvers as they flew around lasers and rays of light with kinetic light technology. This was designed to take the shape of a fingerprint that represented the device’s new under-display scanner.

This is a great example of a large-scale multimedia stage design creating immersive experiences using a cross section of technologies to bridge the user experience with the special event product release. More companies like those releasing popular electronics reach out to multimedia stage design companies to create an experience that mirrors their product and they world their customers live in.

Multimedia Stage Design for Concerts and Live Performances

Innovative technologies like 3D scanning and a mix of lighting tools can create stunning visuals to run in real time with live concert performances. For example, Gst.Moscow and Kuflex partnered with Sila Sveta to create a multimedia extravaganza for Therr Maitz concert. Here, projection technology on a haze-filled transparent structure using real-time 3D scans of the artists became accouterments of the video’s content on massive screens amidst a stunning light show.

In order to compliment and amp up the wow factor around commonly used lighting tools, additional LED light strips were injected into the suspended haze installation to relinquish comprehensive visual effects all within the semblance of live performers through experimental projection within haze and visuals. In addition, a 16-meter-long structure made of trusses covered in haze-filled transparent plastic was suspended above the stage to, at the end, close in on the performers like curtains. The artists also had giant avatars in a virtual space broadcasted on a stage screen using Unreal Engine and Open Frameworks software through a 3D scan in real time.

Multimedia Stage Design Breathes New Life

Whether you are the production supervisor for a theater company or a product launch manager for a major brand, multimedia stage design technology can create those immersive experiences to draw in your audience and get their minds focused on your primary message while enthralling and entertaining the imagination. Look for a multimedia stage design company today and discover what it takes to create something magical using the power of light to make your organization stand out in your industry.

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