In today’s day and age, creating unthinkable highly original concepts for stage design is paramount to achieving success. In order to do this, globally renowned multimedia production companies are combining interactive media into thematic stage lighting design to tell branded stories, enhance main event specials, and empower product launches to today’s demanding audiences.

Demanding audiences? Indeed this is an accurate mentality. There has never been a time when multimedia content used in the commercial space is so rapidly evolving. From mesmerizing fashion show attendees using 3D mapping, to shocking consumers at product launches with augmented reality, brands are struggling to offer something a little better with each staged event in order to continue to deliver a message with growth-driven results.

This is why brand managers, tour production supervisors, and organizational leaders are working with conceptual design companies using lighting and multimedia technologies that hover around today’s avant-garde.

This article highlights some of the ways award-winning multimedia production companies use various technologies and stage lighting design to captivate audiences in all spaces and industries.

Stage Lighting Design Incorporating 3D Mapping

Also known as videomapping, projection mapping, and spatial augmented reality, 3D mapping technology casts displayed content onto three-dimensional surfaces, as opposed to traditional two-dimensional, flap projection surfaces.

3D Mapping is a technology wisely used by multimedia production companies to enhance themes, subjects, and stories within a staged environment. For example, in his 1997 Earthling tour, David Bowie used 3D mapping technology to project images of himself onto irregularly shaped objects. The concept was to showcase the artist going through a variety of physical changes. At the time this was groundbreaking; today it is rather commonplace in the world of videomapping.

Today’s savvy multimedia production companies still use these same projection mapping techniques, though they always incorporate modern and increasingly creative measures. In fact, some stage lighting design companies known for multimedia art use drones and UAVs to survey landmarks or other targets so that high-quality 3D models can be created and mapped to projects for projection.

Using LED Screens with Innovative Creativity

Today’s most recognized multimedia production companies use LED screens in highly creative ways. Large-scale lighting setups are especially popular projects to host this technology, and some innovative stage lighting design companies will even use multi-layered LED screens to enhance visual effects.

An example of this can be seen in the main event special hosted at the Audi Brand Summit. Here, diverse multimedia technologies and setup configurations were used to showcase each product–Audi’s Etron, Aicon and the newest Q8 model.

The concept came to life by creating a multilayered LED platform constructed on the lakeshore with a large-scale lighting setup.

In addition, mobile LED screens were applied with multimedia content synchronized with a dance performance.

Work with a Creative Multimedia Stage Lighting Design Company

Is your organization ready to breathe fresh, creative life into its main event specials by working with an innovative multimedia production company? Reach out today and discover how 3D mapping, modern stage lighting design, and multimedia technologies can synchronize with live entertainment to create unforgettable audience experiences.  

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