As a brand manager, you are likely responsible for playing a significant role in your organization’s product launches. This means your professional reputation hinges on the staged show’s success and how its creative experience resonates with the audience. Multimedia and lighting technology is not only the gold standard to running a memorable product launch stages show, but knowing how to use various components of multimedia with a creative eye is the only thing that will make your show stand out from the competition.

Understanding Projection Mapping

Projection mapping is similar to spatial augmented reality and video mapping in that it is a projection technology that transforms objects into a display surface. When brands work with stage design lighting companies specializing in projecting mapping and other multimedia technologies, they can maximize their ability to deliver a true creative experience that translates the product’s significance to the evolving world in an emotional and highly meaningful manner. The best projection mapping providers use specialized software to allow the mimicking of a real environment projected onto a two or three-dimensional object to aid in the power of telling a story.

Projection Mapping Customizes Landscapes

When a product launch involves educating audiences on how the environment plays into the subject matter, projection mapping can be used to bring that landscape indoors. For example, if a branded event is launching its newest snowmobile, projection mapping can be used to display a snow field to give the sense you are in the great outdoors zooming through the Swiss Alps or in the Colorado Rockies. But to take things up a level, various objects can become surfaces for projection mapping to give the semblance that the product is engaging with various pieces of its intended environment.

Projection Mapping Adds Motion

As a brand manager, think about how motion plays a role into telling your story. Then convey this to a stage design lighting company that uses multimedia projection technology to deliver powerful experiences. For example, you can use a series of objects with timed responded to sync up and give the illusion of movement with the right projection mapping strategy. You can also use large solitary projection mapping targets, like a city skyline, to project a sequence of effects.

Projection mapping can Humanize any Branded Event

If your product launch includes people in its story, projection mapping is an ideal way to display images of people onto various shapes and objects to bring them to life with the appearance of human interaction. David Bowie famously did this in his ‘Earthling Tour’ where a multimedia stage design company created a partial immersive digital experience with projection mapping to cast the artist’s image on these oblong-shaped objects that spoke to the audience members, sucking them into his wild and crazy world.

Find the Projection Mapping Provider

Projection mapping requires true artists and experienced creatives. When you start vetting various stage design companies for branded events, make sure their portfolio backs up their talk. Look for creative teams that have used projection mapping in multiple ways to tell a brand’s story while adding cross sections of other multimedia technologies.

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