You can have a world renowned recording artist on stage, or a product launch from one of the most loved brands on the planet, but if you can’t entice the audience and capture their imaginations, all of the raw talent on the stage will fail to translate ultimate value.

This is where multimedia stage design companies with in-house creative teams add a plethora of value to concert tour and brand managers looking to make an unforgettable impact.

Multimedia Stage Design Begins with Collaboration

Collaborating is never easy in any context. But when it comes to main event planners and multimedia stage design companies, the collaboration process must be smooth, flawless, and weigh all the pros and cons while staying on a goal-driven track, because collaborating on everything from the approach to the content sets the foundation for the projected experience the audience will receive, and everyone’s reputation is on the line.

The best multimedia stage design artists share this philosophy: in order for them to win, their client must win. And this means their branded look, feel and tone must be embraced through new, innovative presentation formats–not an easy task for inexperienced teams of multimedia stage lighting design shops, and still a challenging one for the best in the business.

When working with a multimedia stage lighting design company, make sure they take all of your goals into the blueprint for the ultimate immersive experience.

Multimedia Stage Design Technology

Multimedia stage design companies rely on two main factors: the creative teams that hold the strings, and the technology that allows concepts to take shape.  Finding true creatives is challenging enough, but finding a multimedia stage design company that not only has a wide array of technologies but also the creative skills and know-how to integrate them into one another, as well as into customized video mapping, dome projection, and other technical platforms pre-designed to provide a unique effect or look, is a demanding feat.

When vetting multimedia stage design companies, be sure to ask the representative what technology capabilities they use, how they create custom solutions, and ask to see a portfolio of past work where such complex strategies were employed. For example, 3D mapping is one of the most requested multimedia technologies used by recording artists and brands alike, and this projection mapping technology is often used in big concert tours and for major international product launches. Everyone from Apple to Lamborghini, and from Depeche Mode to Elton John has used a form of 3D mapping to enhance the main event and stage presence while enticing the audience into the main message, and overall spectator experience. 

Keep in mind that 3D mapping, also known as projection mapping, allows artists to push creative boundaries when it comes to presenting a thought or a feeling associated with a main event special taking place on the stage, be it a song, a product, or a political event. Contact a multimedia stage design company that uses 3D mapping with other forms of technology to create one-of-a-kind immersive experiences that will leave audiences talking for years to come.

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