Ever since it kicked off in Kansas City on August 12, 2018, Drake’s current “Scorpion” tour (together with Migos) has been filling stadia across North America. Apart from being a commercial success the “Scorpion” tour is also setting new standards thanks to its innovative stage design. Working directly with Willo Perron, the visual wizard behind many iconic stage moments by the likes of Rihanna, Kanye West, and St. Vincent, team Drake introduces some startling effects such as a flying Ferrari and a swarm of lights (spoiler alert: they’re both drones). As for the actual stage, it is reduced to a bare minimum: an elevated rectangular block, similar in size to a basketball field. But far from being simple, the entire stage is, in fact, a horizontal screen that projects customized visuals for each song, from a basketball field (“Nice for What”) and a giant pool (“Hotling Bling”), to an iPhone display (“In My Feelings”). The deceptively simple set up is in fact highly complex, both from 3D animation standpoint as well as where the stage technology is concerned (the set-up LED floors with person-tracking effects). Perron called upon Sila Sveta, the Moscow/L.A.-based agency behind 3D visuals for the likes of Lamborghini, the Bolshoi, the Met Gala, and Shakira, among others. After attending one of Drake’s seven consecutive shows in New York City, we rang up Paulina Zakh, one of Sila Sveta’s directors, to find out more. here.

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