Anticipation: it, along with the multimedia technology used for your main event special, can make or break that memorable experience you hope to deliver.

Imagine your audience shuffling into an arena to attend your product launch main event special. They expect to smell cheap coffee wafting from those tables in the back of the room, those usual white fluorescent lights, and self-serving drawn-out boring presentations until they actually get to the good part and unveil the product.

First of all, the entire show should be the good part. In fact, when working with 3D mapping companies that master multimedia stage art, your spectators will forget all about the anticipation of seeing the latest smartphone release because their emotions will be caught up in the mesmerizing digital landscape of projection mapping and lighted stage design that tells a story.

This article is intended to help main event specials managers source the right 3D mapping companies, and set expectations in how they can use projection mapping and other forms of multimedia technology.

3D Mapping Should Place Spectators in Your Branded Storytelling

Telling your brand’s story is paramount to running a successful main event special for a product launch. Imagine a company that sells ATVs. Their brand’s motto is “Work Hard, Play Harder”, and the goal is to suck the audience into that lifestyle so they can experience it through the product launch main event special.

The auditorium transforms into a thriving jungle with trees projected on surfaces swaying in a breeze. The sound of frogs, birds and insects consumes the environment. Then the gentle hum of a motor is heard in the distance. As it grows louder, a dirt path appears in the jungle using videomapping technology. Then the ATV comes thundering along some panels on the stage with a rider, and comes to a complete stop on multiple split screens with the engine still roaring. The lights come up revealing that one panel is actually the real ATV. You have just taken your audience on a ride touching on the product, the environment, and the rider. Now people are excited, entertained, and pon the edge of their seat.

Implementing 3D Mapping and Multimedia Stage Design

In order to pull off a main event special like this one using 3D mapping and other multimedia technologies, you will need to phone an internationally acclaimed videomapping company that can explain stage design in more detail within context of your brand and product release. For example, what would the benefits of using 3D mapping be specifically for your brand as opposed to another multimedia technology? How creative can multimedia artists get using 3D mapping for main event specials? Is there a better type of projection to use for your specific project? Is it possible for a 3D mapping company to stay on budget and incorporate your ideas into the spectacle? Call today, and discover the endless possibilities!

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