When it comes to running a main event special that captivates audiences without any gaps in their attention span, companies that design digital immersive experiences utilizing 3D mapping bridge the physical world with one of pure imagination.

The best 3D mapping artists are typically found through multimedia stage design and installation companies who partner with a wide array of industries and have a menagerie of projects in their portfolio. From working with internationally acclaimed artists like Shakira and Daft Punk, to top brands like Samsung and Audi, the best creative artists who orchestrate hypnotic immersive experiences using 3D mapping are major players in this space, and any brand that partners with them is sure to pull off an unforgettable main event people will be talking about for years to come.

3D Mapping Incorporates Buildings into Storytelling

Multimedia artists can use 3D mapping to animate buildings with life and give them direct importance into the folds of their storytelling efforts. For example, In October 2018 Sila Sveta participated in the Borealis Light Festival in Seattle for a four-day event. Their entry ‘Loneliness’ was a three-minute audio-visual project that used 3D mapping technology on the facade of the Museum of History. Here, 3D mapping projected “flashbacks” mingling with snippets from the poetic works of Yuri Kolokolnikov via collapsing segments of the building. The main destruction was done via Houdini and utilized roughly 4000 shots. ‘Loneliness’ won the Jury’s Prize Award thus illustrating the creative prowess that artists at the top of their game offer brands and organizations who invest in this level of creativity.

National Landmarks Take on New Meaning with 3D Mapping

It is common practice for large brands to unite national landmarks from a target country where a national brand release occurs in a main event special. Not only does a layer of patriotism resonate with consumers thus motivating them to have a buying mindset, the incorporation of landmarks adds an amalgamation of familiarity with newness.

When the new Vivo X20 was released in China, 3D mapping technology projected content on the Great Wall of China as part of the brand’s grand launch. Here, CG content for a behemoth 3D mapping project was cast on the main structure of the Juyong Pass thus drawing upon the importance of the historical site amidst the natural setting of the three great mountain passes of the Great Wall of China to tell the story of tradition taking on a modern face.

The main event special was broken into two key parts. One introduced the event’s opening, and the other was for the actual product reveal that went over the phone’s design, features and set the target mood for the rest of the event presentation.

Do You Need 3D Mapping Artists to Enhance Your Upcoming Main Event Special?

If you are curious about utilizing 3d mapping technology in your next main event special, reach out to a multimedia stage design company known for their immersive experiences, experimental work, and innovative installations. Collaboration will be key, so finding the right company to work alongside your team should be front of mind.

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