Brand managers and concert stage designers are always trying to out-perform one another by piecing together creative main event specials that utilize various technologies and installations.

Real value stems from the ability to tell a story. Whether the main event special is a fashion show for a major designer label, or a concert for a top international recording artist, the ability to tell a story in a new and exciting manner will leave lasting impressions on audience members for years to come. This is why working with the best multimedia stage design companies for main event specials is so crucial, as digital art and videomapping technologies can lead to brand loyalty and sold-out shows.

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Making the Audience Part of the Performance

Whether the goal of the main event special is to entertain an audience, or promote a product, the best success always comes from main event specials that successfully join audience members to the show itself. For example, 3D mapping (also known as video projection mapping) has been used by various recording artists in concert to bridge the audience with the performance. One way of doing this is to capture real-time footage of audience members and project their image onto three-dimensional shaped objects located on the stage. Stage design companies have multiple technology platforms that integrate with videomapping and lighting technology to synchronize images to musical rhythm, or at strategic moments in the storytelling.

Virtual reality is another type of technology that lulls spectators into a main event special. There have been a few innovative auto makers who have partnered with multimedia stage design companies where augmented reality is used to make the viewer a part of the product demonstration for branded main event specials. For example, VR headsets can be handed out to audience members with instruction give for when they should wear these. Viewers can then experience what it is like driving the newest car model, or get enhanced feelings of various sensations products give, lick the speed of a power boat.

Multimedia Installations for Main Event Specials

Creating stunning visuals that compliment storytelling keeps audiences talking for years. One method used by innovative multimedia artists for stage design is to layer various projection surfaces to give the desired effect. These can be mirrors and matte-finish projection surfaces layered by the hundreds that rotate and move on mechanical pivots. These can also consist of hundreds of LED screens that compose giant images used for promoting a theme or telling a story.

Multimedia stage artists also use live-action accoutrements to enhance an installation for stage design, such as dancers or acrobatic performers whose bodily movements dance with the movement of technology. Daft Punk was (and still is) notorious for using live action performers who move in perfect alignment with the multimedia stage technology that drives their concert forward.

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