When it comes to a recording artist’s ability to delight worldwide audiences, raw talent and stage presence is everything. When it comes to creating vibrant stage energy, video mapping companies with multimedia artists work with tour managers and even with the performers directly to take storytelling to the next level.

Today’s innovative video mapping projection artists strive to perfect storytelling for staged events using experimental multimedia technologies. One ideal example that serves as a teaching exercise for all videomapping artists can be studied in Sila Sveta’s collaboration with the recording artist Drake.

Video Content with Live Action Art

For his ‘Aubrey & the Three Migos Tour’, Drake worked with Sila Sveta to incorporate video mapping technology to accompany some of the other accoutrements of his storytelling. Thanks to the visionary creativity of the multimedia stage design company, Drake was able to dance on an elevated stage brought to life with thousands of small lights within the presence of molten lava, a giant scorpion, a yellow Ferrari and a recreation of the solar system thus allowing all strands to compose a single arena for conveying thoughts and emotions.

Multimedia Art By Sila Sveta Empowers Live Concert Design

Live concert design plays heavily into the ability to achieve magical storytelling. For Drake’s tour the artist’s every move was tracked using LED screens with Black Trax technology to give concert goers the experience of their life. In addition, video content was created to reflect every song using graphics and therefore enhancing elements of storytelling while showcasing the entire performance as a journey with many chapters.

Pairing the Best Video Mapping Content with the Best Performing Artists

Creating video mapping content for the world’s top performing artists requires significantly more insight and creative strategic planning than what you might see at a rave or a community event. For his concert tour Drake requested a next-level visual production to rival anything he’s ever done in his career.

This is where collaboration is key in order for video mapping to enhance storytelling; the most innovative multimedia stage design companies must be able to work with performing artists and their teams (as nobody knows their audience members better) to create content and projection technologies that will resonate with target audiences at a high level. Here, recording artists will present ideas and video mapping artists will develop multiple looks with a plethora of options through a process that involves making adjustments to impact the look and feel.

The best video mapping content is not just the offspring of collaboration, but mixing the right technologies with various content scopes to achieve the right presentation. Once the general concept, stills and styleframes are determined and approved, engineering animated scenes begins. For the Drake tour, Sila Sveta used specifically chosen software that included Cinema 4D, After Effects, Blender and 3D Max.

In order for all of this to add to the storytelling process while keeping the audience mesmerized, every video mapping technology must harnas all other components into the message deliverable. This means the dance moves, lyrics, stage design, lighting and other technology pieces much orchestrate a singular story that takes showmanship and the concert experience to a whole new level.

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