At no other time in history has the capacity for integrating technology with creativity spawned jaw-dropping immersive experiences that captivate audiences around the world.

Some of the biggest names in the entertainment, retail, commercial, government, and arts spaces invest in partnerships with the best video projection mapping companies to convey their story and promote their theme in highly original formats.

This month people in Seattle Washington got to participate in ‘Borealis, A Festival of Light’. Billed as America’s first international videomapping projection competition, attendees of the event in the South Lake Union neighborhood got to see 3D mapping projects by artists from around the world cast onto the Museum of History and Industry–a fitting canvas for a time when the age-old tradition of storytelling is coming to life through groundbreaking technology feats.

Among all the entries Sila Sveta took home the Jury’s Choice Award for their installation ‘Loneliness’, a three-minute length experimental audio-visual artwork using 3D mapping over the museum’s entire facade. The piece conveyed a powerful view of loneliness as an egress of understanding community. With the use of high-power projectors and heightened creativity, this piece certainly offers inspiration to brands planning main event specials.

It goes without saying that any main event supervisor, brand executive, or tour manager responsible for coordinating main event specials will look at events like Borealis and contemplate how 3D mapping can help convey the right messaging in a hyper creative fashion that stretches the limbs of technology and creativity to new ground.

Art Light Installations Put 3D Mapping in the Thematic Spotlight

From top performing artists like Depeche Mode to branded product launches, successful main event specials have a theme, and finding innovative ways to communicate the theme to audiences is what helps makes one a leader and big name in their space.

For example, the Borealis event presented its video projection mapping installations inspired by the theme of “transformation”. This event featured a self-guided walking tour through an array of video projection mapping projects spanning arenas like theatrical arts, visual arts, and stage lighting design.

The theme of transformation provided an egress for broad interpretations, concepts, and approaches. Some 3D mapping artists melded interactive multimedia design with art and other technologies to showcase their take on the event’s theme. For example, Patchy Projects Paint Roller Remix offered a mesmerizing approach allowing the viewer to shift imagery. In another entry, Dark Design used uncomplicated stage lighting technology to transform the physical semblance between two individual participant’s faces. Another entry by Sena Clara Creston displayed human scale flowers in line to the complex cultural imagery in David W. Halsell’s ‘Caging the Colors’ that serves as a participating element to Sparklab’s googly-eyed trees in a nervous interaction.

What Special Event Supervisors can Take Away from Borealis

If used by a truly creative multimedia installation company, 3D mapping can interpret your special event’s theme in ways audiences have never seen before. Just keep in mind that creativity is just as important as technology, as several participants at Borealis created head-turning displays using simplistic technology. On the other side of the coin, the best technology in multimedia stage design should still be a requirement when working with the biggest video projection mapping artists in the industry.

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