In order for brands to stay competitive and remain at the center of the consumer psyche, corporate event themes and event branding tactics must include unforgettable multimedia technology for stage design. To achieve this, savvy brand managers work with award-winning multimedia and interactive media companies offering 3D mapping as a way to artistically convey a message that resonates with the consumer market.

Why Use Multimedia Art for Advertising and Branded Events?

Think about your favorite movie. Now think about your favorite scenes. Unless your reason for gravitating to these scenes is dialogue alone, more than likely the setting and its emotions played a huge role in your discerning mindset. Corporate event themes for branded staged shows hire multimedia art installation experts to help bring the same thing. Technologies like 3D mapping allow brand managers and stage designers to smash together emotions, various filmatic accoutrements, and multimedia technologies that create a world of wonder. When product launches use multimedia art for advertising in their branded events, the stage comes to life and draws in the audience members to create an unforgettable experience, and elevate your brand above the rest.

3D Mapping Tells a More Realistic Story

3D Mapping is a form of multimedia technology that allows for enhancing the storytelling of any corporate event focused on event branding. Because this technology allows for projected images to cast themselves on odd-shaped objects thus bringing them to live, stage design companies that create digital experiences can add personas into ordinary things. For example, if a branded event is taking place on an outdoor stage with the city skyline in the background, 3D mapping artists and studios can project animated imagery giving the appearance that the buildings are moving in a way that furthers the brand’s story–their ultimate message to their consumer audience.

3D Mapping Enhances Product Benefits in Branded Events

If your branded event is running a product launch, 3D mapping can be especially useful in bringing those features to life. For example, let’s say a brand that makes handheld GPS devices is launching their product on a staged show using the classic children’s fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ as a themed setting. Digital media artists can use their videomapping technology to bring the trees to life while giving them movement that coincides with the child’s journey through the treacherous woods.

3D Mapping can Introduce the Elements

Earth, wind, water and fire: more often than not, one or more of these elements is a fundamental part of showcasing a product’s features. Whether your product is the newest innovative drone or a sailboat, using 3D mapping to give the stage design the semblance that you are out at sea with the waves cresting, or there are clouds passing by with trees blowing in the wind, bringing mother nature indoors helps bridge audience comprehension as to how the product works in the outdoors. By adding realism to the branded event, your staged theme will come to life in new and memorable ways thanks to innovative multimedia stage design teams and the tools they use.

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