Once there was a time when main event specials sought multimedia stage design artists as a way to be provocative and hyper-creative.  Fast-forward to today’s demand for innovative main event specials; multimedia stage designers with 3D mapping chops are not so rare, but those true experts mastering experimental digital art separate the men from the boys. That said, multimedia stage design companies with a strong portfolio attesting to experimental installations and videomapping technologies present a level of creative service that absconds the standard players in this ever-evolving industry. Here are some ways experimental multimedia takes main event specials to a whole other level.

Traditional 3D Mapping Used in Non-Traditional Ways

Multimedia stage design and installations make main event specials more successful by allowing for unique audiences connections. When highly creatives know how to mix technologies like 3D mapping, augmented reality and other multimedia platforms through experimental projection and storytelling, new layers of life animate messaging, emotion and other human traits that ignite the psyche and make audience members curious and highly engaged.

For example, Sila Sveta worked with famous Russian hip hop artist Basta on a project for the international festival Circle of Light back in 2013. Together, they created an original projection show that turned away from traditional 3D graphics and instead engineered an LED mockup of a building placing characters inside with animated text and sketch-style moving graphics above the video footage. All of this was designed to add additional emphasis with a creative spin on the stronger part of the lyrics.

If your job is to coordinate a main event special, look to the videomapping companies that specialize in experimental multimedia technologies. Not only do they find new ways to use 3D mapping technology but they know how to pair light show features with the parts of a performance that convey feelings or communicative aspects of the event.

3D Mapping Turned Up the Volume on Sound and Emotions

We addressed the way experimental multimedia was used to enhance lyrics in a main event special. In addition to using 3D mapping as a way to enhance lyrical components, the multimedia technology can also be harnessed to enhance tonality, rhythm and instrumental strands of a staged show.For instance, Sila Sveta in collaboration with Departament agency partnered with luxury automaker Porsche for a main event special at the Porsche Sportcar Center. When the Carrera 911 GTS was released in Russia, famous conductor Vladamir Spivakov and the Moscow Virtuosi Orchestra played live music while 3D mapping and audio-reactive visual effects merged to tell the story of Porsche’s models. The timed sequence and music fluctuated with various intensity levels to create greater curiosity and anticipation in the audience. Then a live feed from the garage revealed the real Carrera 911 GTS from a custom TouchDesigner-based platform with multiple video-inputs to generate real-time visual effects while controlling the videomapping content.

Now think about your upcoming main event special, and consider the possibilities that experimental multimedia design teams using creative new takes on 3D mapping can do for your project.

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